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Sacrificing affinity schemes

Affinity schemes could find their days numbered as salary sacrifice schemes grow in popularity, finds Steve Moody. When it comes to growing new business volumes, leasing companies have a problem: the company car market tends to remain fairly stable in size over time, give or take annual fluctuations, meaning that they are essentially fighting for a bigger share of the same pot all the time.

Selling sacrifice

Steve Moody looks at the growing popularity of salary sacrifice schemes, and asks how lessors can capitalise on the trend. The increasing number of low-emission cars and the current tax regime is giving employers the chance to offer cars to all their employees using the principle of salary sacrifice

Cutting carbon, cutting costs

Steve Moody finds how leasing firms are coping with the green agenda during an economic downturn As the recession hit hard, many business sectors were concerned that the green project had been derailed, with survival and cost cutting the boardrooms preoccupation