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Innovative Debt Management Solutions

Flexys Solutions Limited

Future Space (North Gate UWE)
Filton Road,
Bristol BS34 8RB

Flexys Solutions Limited

Future Space (North Gate UWE)
Filton Road,
Bristol BS34 8RB

About Flexys

Flexys is the intelligent answer to debt resolution. Formed in 2016 by a group of debt management solution specialists with a vision to create a collections platform for the digital age, Flexys was built on the foundation of fresh thinking and innovative technology.

With many years of experience building enterprise-grade collections platforms on a global scale, we know the frustrations collections managers face – and we’ve set out from the beginning to resolve them.

Innovative and collaborative enterprise collections

Our mission is to encourage collaboration at every level through our customer engagement solutions for enterprise collections and recoveries. Flexys solutions use the latest innovations in technology to put control back into the hands of our clients during the collections process.

Flexys is able to facilitate customer contact in the right way, at the right time to manage the debt collection process in a fairer, more consistent and more cost-effective way.

Friction-free customer engagement driven by machine learning

Our intelligent debt resolution platform is powered by machine learning, a sub-branch of AI which uses smart algorithms to identify customer segments, sentiment and some types of vulnerability. By automating tasks such as sentiment analysis, we enable collections operations to effectively optimise the way they engage with customers in a friction-free way.

Our platform will constantly learn from the data accumulated when interacting with customers. By analysing and detecting financial stress and vulnerability at an earlier stage of customer engagement, we ensure more accurate insight into their circumstances, providing agents with insightful tools and data that will enable a firm but empathetic conversation and fairer outcomes.

Our experienced developers use the most innovative technology on the market to ensure we can deliver continual improvements with minimal fuss. We make very conscious decisions about our tech stack, DevOps tools and deployment options in order to facilitate delivery and integration in a matter of weeks, not months.

Digital solutions for each stage of customer engagement

Our full collection platform provides three integrated solutions – collaborate, collect and contain.

All our solutions are built on a modular platform that is scalable and delivers control into the hands of the business. We ensure a collaborative and agile delivery, working closely with our clients to ensure technology, people and process are working to optimal effect.

Collaborate enables digital self-service engagement on any device or platform to help creditors connect with customers in a dynamic, collaborative way. This encourages greater take up of offers, promises and arrangements, resulting in more revenue.

Through low-friction UX, Collaborate reduces customer journey drop-out ratios and ensures minimal agent intervention. Our sentiment and vulnerability scores give an understanding of how end customers are feeling about engaging. This enables clients to identify and prioritise sensitive cases, offering a more subjective approach to forbearance.

Collect optimises call centre debt resolution, segmentation, treatment and agent management. With a simple and easy-to-use agent interface, Collect provides context-sensitive information for every customer interaction to enable agents to have productive, relevant conversations every time.

Sophisticated and flexible segmentation and workflow, as well as advanced analytics, allow customers to be treated as individuals and ensure every action is followed up. Insight informed by machine learning ensures solutions and treatments are constantly relevant to shifting economic and social circumstances.

As a fully configurable and extensible solution, Collect puts control back into the hands of the business. Businesses can monitor performance across the board through our data visualisation, dashboards and reporting so that decisions can be evidence-based and good performance goes recognised and rewarded.

Contain supports creditors in managing the recovery stage effectively, including processes for Litigation and automated DCA Management. Contain ensures the right cases are assigned to the right agency at the right time, minimising costs and maximising revenue collected.

Our automated litigation makes effective use of the court system to recover revenue from the “won’t pays” and our recovery and asset management process ensures the cost-effective recovery and sale of secured assets.

Another benefit of Contain is the automated search and trace, intelligent and digital age trace features, which make use of new technology and new data sources to ensure customers can be efficiently contacted.