Motor Finance this month takes a look at the European
Commission’s interim report on block exemption in the motor sector,
which gives strong hints as to the direction Europe may take on the
issue in the future, most specifically in 2010 when the current
regulations expire. Our cover story  and news sections cover
the recent history of block exemption, and the possible
consequences for fleets and manufacturer-linked finance houses.

Companies need to keep their employees on the road, even as fuel
costs hit the upper reaches of the stratosphere. But is the
‘traditional’ contract-hired company car always the best way of
doing this? How can duty of care issues and environmental concerns
be satisfied if employees are allowed a greater degree of
flexibility regarding car choice? The report on alternatives to
company car schemes (One size does not fit all) examines
these questions, and finds out how fleet providers are diversifying
their product ranges.

In our legal section, Andy Thompson looks at Camden Motors’
recent win against HM Revenue & Customs in its case regarding
VAT payments on finance and insurance income (Win for Camden
Motor dealership
), David Rawlings of Deloitte asks what the
recipe for the perfect fleet is (Striking the right
), while Richard Taylor of Siemens Motor Contracts
describes the legal minefield facing lessors who try and reclaim
what is rightfully theirs when drivers refuse to hand back leased
cars (Reclaiming what is rightfully ours).

Enjoy the issue.

Jo Tacon


 Motor Finance Issue: 44 – June 08
Published for the web: June 26 08 14:22
Last Updated: June 26 08 14:25