Welcome to the December issue of Motor Finance. The issue of how
consumers pay for cars has never been higher up the news agenda, as
a shortage of liquidity for finance companies reduces the options
open to carbuyers – especially those classed as non-prime (see
Blue Motor Finance stops new business

Experian reports that 50 per cent of the public have put off
buying a car due to worries about the economic downturn, with
concerns about credit availability cited as a major brake on
expenditure; it is clear the industry is facing a difficult time,
as our cover story explores. But there are reasons for cheer,
nonetheless, as the report finds – a welcome message to take away
at this festive time of year.

Meanwhile, columnist Graham Hill asks why he, as an honest and
hard-working vehicle finance broker, isn’t entitled to any
government bailout money (The Arranger), while Brian
Rogerson looks back over the last decade in point-of-sale finance
(The view from 10 years on).

A very happy Christmas and New Year to all Motor Finance

With very best wishes

Jo Tacon