Welcome to the April issue of Motor
Finance. There has been mixed news for all industry players this
month, ranging from the good – the Bank of England’s decision to
cut interest rates to 5 per cent, and the reports from a variety of
sources that the credit squeeze is persuading people back into
dealer-arranged finance, rather than relying on high street loans
or remortgages – to the bad, namely the pronounced downward trend
in house prices, and the wider erosion of consumer confidence.

With car sales set to fall in 2008
compared with last year, perhaps we will see dealers making more
from finance and insurance sales as the number of carbuyers falls –
and placing more importance on sales of such peripherals.
Innovation and cost-cutting will be key in this turbulent and
challenging market, as Brian Rogerson finds in the cover story,
p17, where he takes a look at the profitability of the dealer

Stocking finance will become ever more
vital to dealers looking at unpredictable cashflows. Turn to p14
for an in-depth look at the main players and trends in this

Meanwhile, we talk to All In One
Leasing, which aims to grab market share thanks to its spotlight on
fleet management and duty of care issues – a timely focus, as the
Corporate Manslaughter Act comes into force.

With very warmest wishes for the month

Jo Tacon


Motor Finance Issue: 42 – April 08
Jo Tacon ,
Published for the web: April 23 08 9:31
Last Updated: April 24 08 10:42