Compiled by Jo Tacon


Forestry Commission award

Inchcape Fleet Solutions has been awarded a three-year contract
to supply a range of vehicles on operating lease to the Forestry
Commission, worth a total of £1.7m. “The vehicles covered are cars,
car-derived vans, pick ups, 4x4s and box vans,” said a Forestry
Commission spokeswoman.

The Forestry Commission already has vehicle leasing facilities
in place with Lex Vehicle Leasing, Lombard and ING Car Lease. The
win for Inchcape Fleet Solutions is its first contract with the


Lessor’s fleet deal is lip-smackin’ good

Leasedrive Velo has announced that it has been awarded a “major
new leasing contract” to supply leased vehicles to Kentucky Fried
Chicken (KFC), a fast food chain.

Leasedrive Velo will provide cars for 60 contract hire and 90
cash-for-car drivers in the UK, who will also benefit from the
lessor’s suite of software systems.

Roddy Graham, commercial director, at the Leasedrive Velo Group
said: “KFC had been reviewing its company car policy, and, as a
result of the partnership, hopes to encourage more of its
cash-for-car drivers back into contract hire vehicles.

“A major emphasis of this new contract is on managing risk, and
modules such as Responsibility and Licence:Manager within our
online totally-integrated fleet management system, Drive:Manager
were key deciding factors,” he added.