Compiled by Antonio


Accidents cut by

GreenRoad said it has helped a major
insulation products distributor to reduce vehicle accidents by 24
percent, and fuel consumption by almost 10 percent.

The software specialist, which provides tools for
fleets and consumers to improve and sustain safe and fuel-efficient
driving behaviour, said that Sheffield Insulations deployed its
GreenRoad 360 service across its fleet of heavy goods vehicles and
light commercial vehicles in August 2009.

According to GreenRoad, between August and November
2009 Sheffield achieved a 24 percent reduction in the number of
accidents compared with the same period in 2008, as well as a 9.7
percent reduction in fuel consumption.

Ian Gray, logistics manager at Sheffield
Insulations’ Ruislip depot, said: “We could see that the value from
using GreenRoad’s service would not only be in reducing fuel but
also by reducing accidents.”


Cars on finance saved
from the crusher

HPI has developed a tool to help motor
finance companies protect their assets by reclaiming vehicles
before they get crushed.

The vehicle information company said it has worked
in partnership with the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) to
build the HPI CrushWatch tool, in response to a protocol agreed
between the Association of Chief Police Officers and the FLA.

The company said it recently recovered three
vehicles worth in total more than £100,000, including an Audi R8
valued at £64,000. HPI said that finance companies signing up to
HPI CrushWatch are warned when any vehicle they have an interest in
is seized and destined to be sold or crushed. This allows them to
decide whether to recover the vehicle or allow it to be destroyed,
it said.

Alastair Crossley, F&I director for HPI, said
the tool is designed to “protect the interests of finance
companies, helping to reduce their risks.”

Kevin Elkins, head of fraud for Lombard, added:
“HPI CrushWatch is taking uninsured vehicles off the road, an
initiative we are proud to support. The wider the police coverage
is extended the greater the benefit and value of the scheme will be
for all.”


Sole-supply data

RCI Financial Services has selected
Experian as its sole supplier for vehicle data services, the data
provider announced.

The captive, which finances Renault and Nissan
vehicles, chose Experian as the sole supplier for vehicle checking,
registration and monitoring services, after carrying out a review
of all its vehicle data suppliers.

Experian will now supply the captive with services
including AutoCheck, the company’s vehicle provenance check
service; asset registration, enabling registration of interest
against financed vehicles; and monitoring services, to alert it to
changes in vehicle ownership, customers’ circumstances and key
events, such as the vehicle being seized by the police.

Mark Nuttall, general manager of Experian’s
Business Information and Automotive division, added: “Experian is
well positioned in the marketplace due to its ability to provide a
combined risk and vehicle management service and we are pleased to
have been chosen by one of the UK’s leading brand financing