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Alejandro Gonzalez

Alejandro Gonzalez has been the Editor of Leasing Life since January 2020.

VWFS fleet tool targets EV adoption

EV4ME online tool considers factors like commuting distance, charging availability, and home life to recommend users a suitable EV.

Volkswagen integrates ChatGPT AI in infotainment system

VW customers can now have search results read aloud and interact with the car using natural language.

Startline Motor Finance completes £450m LSE securitisation

Startline, which serves 80,000 customers and manages £600 million in assets, specialises in near-prime motor finance.

Bumper saves customers £213m in interest-free car repairs

Founded in 2013, Bumper enables garages and dealerships to offer customers the ability to spread the cost of car repairs into interest-free payments.

Explainer: what is a quantum battery and will it revolutionise driving?

Quantum batteries could revolutionise energy storage and find a place in the car of tomorrow if their technical challenges are overcome.

MotoNovo Finance research reveals key barriers to BEV adoption

While nearly half of consumers are open to purchasing hybrid cars, BEVs encounter greater resistance. Cost remains a significant barrier, particularly for lower-income households.

Matt Galvin appointed to lead Polestar UK and Ireland

Galvin’s appointment follows Jonathan Goodman’s retirement announcement after seven years in senior management positions with the EV brand.

Stability in used car market despite UK bank holidays: BCA

Since January, the average value has decreased by just over £200 from £7,597, indicating underlying stability throughout the year.

Survey reveals data privacy risk in used car infotainment systems: Carwow

Carwow is urging the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to provide clearer guidelines on this issue.

Chinese carmakers brace for rising trade barriers in EV sector

The growing headwinds for EV exports could also intensify domestic competition, accelerating the shift towards EVs within China: Fitch Ratings