Motor Finance

We are delighted to introduce the new digital supplements published by Motor Finance. Available online and tablet application, the supplement is available for free and features topical focuses on some of the key developments, trends and challenges in the motor finance sector. It also features topical though leadership by our knowledge partners. The free supplements are published quarterly and distributed to over thousands of motor finance industry players in the UK and Europe.

ISSUE 31 – March 2023

In the 31st edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore how have disrupters in the US and the UK fared as providers of digital-only dealerships? Leasing Life looks at the digital journey taken by Carvana, Cazoo, Carzam and Cinch, and more…

ISSUE 30 – November 2022

In the 30th edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore why in the face of recession for the UK economy, providers of motor finance may need to innovate at the more affordable end of the market to bring in customers and more…

ISSUE 29 – August 2022

In the 29th edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore how with the motor finance sector moving swiftly into the digital era, the industry is learning to adapt quickly to new and growing security challenges and more…

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