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Digital Editions

In 2017 we are delighted to introduce the new digital supplements published by Motor Finance. Available online and tablet application, the supplement is available for free and features topical focuses on some of the key developments, trends and challenges in the motor finance sector. It also features topical though leadership by our knowledge partners. The free supplements are published quarterly and distributed to over thousands of motor finance industry players in the UK and Europe.

ISSUE 26 – December 2021

In the 26th edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore how Motor Finance looks back at what has been a very eventful year for the UK automotive industry and more…

ISSUE 25 – October 2021

In the 25th edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore the conversation around climate change is taking place with increasing levels of urgency, and business has an important part to play and more…

ISSUE 24 – August 2021

In the 24th edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore the future of mobility has been a long-discussed topic, but with new emissions regulations on the horizon, plans need to start turning to reality and more…

ISSUE 23 – April 2021

In the 23rd edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore with the backdrop of a global pandemic, a wave of new technology is disrupting the auto and finance space, giving the sector a new digital-first look and more…

ISSUE 22 – February 2021

In the 22nd edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore Covid-19 dominated all aspects of life in 2020 and appears to have been the catalyst for permanent change in the global automotive industry and more…

ISSUE 21 – December 2020

In the 21st edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore SMMT Open Forum assesses current challenges, Brexit negotiations reach crunch time, The 2030 ICE vehicle ban and its impact and more…

ISSUE 20 – October 2020

In the 20th edition of the Motor Finance digital magazine, we explore the growing shift to environmentally-friendly policies and technologies, and their impact on the auto industry and more…

ISSUE 19 – August 2020

In this issue, we explore Electrification by 2030, The Forgotten Industry, Future of Autonomy and more…

ISSUE 18 – June 2020

This issue looks beyond the pandemic, speaking to key industry figures about the FCA response to the crisis, and exploring the highs and lows of working from home.

ISSUE 17 – April 2020

This issue analyses the impact of Covid-19 on the global automotive industry, and the accelerating pace of robo-advice in the market.

ISSUE 16 – February 2020

In this issue, we look at what’s next for Carlos Ghosn, the future of vehicle remarketing, an interview with VWFS’s Kai Vogler, and more…

ISSUE 15 – December 2019

In this issue, we look back at 2019, Brexit uncertainity on Tesla, new regulation set, and more…

ISSUE 14 – October 2019

In this issue, we explore Brexit, contract hire, tech, alternative fuels and more…

ISSUE 13 – August 2019

In this issue, we explore car sharing and subscription, future dealership models, telematics, and more.

ISSUE 12 – June 2019

In this issue, we explore AI and tech advances, regulatory challenges, Dyson’s electric car, and more.

ISSUE 11 – April 2019

In this issue, we explore the Motor Finance regulatory challenges as raised by the FCA, look at car price fixing cartels, and more.

ISSUE 10 – February 2019

This month’s magazine features a warning from the SMMT on Brexit, nine challenges for fleet in 2019, and dealing with the Chinese car demand slowdown.


This digimag looks at mobility and challenges to the standard UK motor finance model; lesser known big players in the EV industry; and changes to big players like Black Horse and Daimler Financial Services.


This digimag looks at how flexible consumer models for accessing vehicles will expand the industry’s customer base, how leasing has been paving the way as described in an AutoTrader consumer report, and more.


This digimag looks at future funding models being challenged by innovation in motor technology and political and regulatory challenges that are upcoming.

ISSUE 6 – JUNE 2018

This digital supplement of Motor Finance explores changes to finance distribution and how the industry is dealing with the effects of Brexit, and more.

ISSUE 5 – APRIL 2018

This digital edition of Motor Finance, now available on all devices, explores the Financial Conduct Authority’s motor finance review, the changing role of dealers, and more.


This digital supplement of Motor Finance investigates a potential used car sales scandal, explores how the used diesel market is surviving, examines a new way to credit score, and more.


In this edition, Motor Finance explores how the regulatory burden has grown in step with the growth in motor finance, how credit agencies may be changing and whether usage-based policies may be an insurance opportunity.


Motor finance speaks to experts about some of the concerns around automotive POS finance, the future of diesel cars, selling digital to Generation X and baby boomers, investigates the potential impact of the new Tesla and more.

ISSUE 1 – MAY 2017

The first digital issue of Motor Finance looks at the core of motor finance, the asset, an looks at how changes occurring within the car are affecting the sale of motor finance and the tertiary industries associated with it.

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