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Casebook: Ostensible authority binds finance company

Although a finance company may think it has limited the agency relationship between it and the supplier in a trading contract, ostensible authority may still arise to make the supplier the agent of the finance company for certain matters, says Greg Standing

casebook: Refusal to mediate can be a risky strategy

Many motor finance companies are often faced with the question of whether to engage in mediation to try to settle disputes with customers. Parties to litigation cannot be forced to engage in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), but serious cost consequences may flow from an unreasonable refusal to do so – as is clear from the High Court decision in Phillip Garritt-Critchley & Others v Andrew Ronnan & Solarpower PV Limited.

Electronic signature suffices for online loan agreement

Finance companies that provide online loans will be relieved by the High Court decision in Bassano v (1) Toft, (2) Biddulph and (3) Borro Loan Ltd.

Key points to note now CONC has arrived

The FCA’s final Consumer Credit Sourcebook (CONC) was published on 28 February, a matter of weeks before it will apply to the consumer credit industry. Firms will be allowed a six-month grace period during which they can continue to comply with the pre-FCA regime while they make the changes necessary to comply with CONC.

Whose Lamborghini is it anyway?

Greg Standing examines the recent case involving Tamara Ecclestone and her ex-boyfriend over the ownership of a luxury Italian sports car.

GREG STANDING’S CASEBOOK:Silence is not always golden…

…and can be costly as far as a request to mediate is concerned

Casebook: No judgement in default

Greg Standing looks at entitlement to enter judgment in default

Casebook: Bill of sale survives bankruptcy

Greg Standing examines the worth of retaining security over a vehicle

Casebook: Good on paper doesn’t necessarily mean good in practice

Anti-money laundering policies must be followed in practice, says Greg Standing.