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Communication in the changing market

In a few years the motor finance industry has moved from feast to famine in terms of funding The response has to be to make better use of whats available, or to find ways to stretch available funding to embrace more vehicles.

Cooke’s view

As a result, the ground rules and comfort zones when it comes to car finance lending must change too

Cooke’s view: Taking things at face value

Peter Cooke discusses value for money and the concept of value added for car finance providers. Some look for extreme value for money but even car dealers have to make a living, so they might end up being disappointed.

March of the centenarians

Peter Cooke discusses the impact 1 in 5 Britons living to the age of 100 will have on the industry. The government has predicted that almost one in five of the current population will live until they are 100 Heaven forbid that were all driving at that age, but the prediction does indicate a market segment with growth potential.

Hard times ahead?

We have the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) developing at a rate to take over the world economy within a generation; the EU in Brussels is planning the grandest palace the world has seen outside the Middle East from which to issue decrees; and the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) are collectively threatening the very roots of the euro

Is going green a luxury?

Will the Age of Austerity 20% VAT, job losses and government spending cuts lead to a loss of focus on green issues and the green car?

Peter Cooke: CRM versus good management

The prevalence of such software has grown over the last few months, including a plethora of support systems and triggers to manage both the sales and finance offerings of dealerships as well as a galaxy of add-ons and value added benefits.

Cooke’s view: Are you prepared for cuts?

Peter Cooke considers the effects the Comprehensive Spending Review could have on the industry. For the last few months we have been warned about the Comprehensive Spending Review The results will be with us within a few weeks of this issue of Motor Finance.

Cooke’s view: Inject energy with an intern

The great need at present is for more customers with money to spend. Money to spend is an issue for government, employers, and the banks At the same time businesses are seeking to achieve greater productivity at lower cost, and that can mean employing fewer people.

LCV buyers snub scrappage

There are still some interesting lessons to be learned from scrappage.