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Let the planet boil

Pressure to act on climate change is yet another burden for a motor trade already suffering from a triple economic whammy, says Peter Cooke The end of scrappage is in sight, despite the 100,000 unit extension; the domestic economy is not recovering as predicted, or as quickly as the rest of the world; there is the imminent return of 17.5 percent VAT to bear in mind and now ever-increasing pressure to act on climate change.

Reflections on a changing market: a caveat for recovery?

Professor Peter Cooke looks at how the recession is affecting demand for company vehicles Talk of economic recovery is being whispered from the rooftops; bankers are thinking bonuses; alleged green shoots have been sighted

Cooke’s View: Turbulent times ahead?

Following a tumultuous year, the motor finance industry could be entering a new period of growth With many changes looming on the horizon, Peter Cooke asks if now might be time to sharpen up on risk management

Bargains galore – but for whom?

The used car industry is a case in point