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Spencer Halil

Adequate explanations needed

Spencer Halil, director of Alphera, the multi-make retail finance arm of BMW Group Financial Services, provides an overview of the responsibilities under the Consumer Credit Act facing dealers to help customers understand the type of finance they buy.

Taking a customer-led approach to the CCD

Motor retailers and lenders will have to put up with a classic piece of UK government compromise from 1 June, when the Consumer Credit Directive (CCD) regulations come into effect transitionally.

The CCD: The impact on POS finance

The European Consumer Credit Directive (CCD) has the potential to bring about significant changes to the way dealers and finance companies provide funding to vehicle buyers. As well as complying with the new rules contained in the CCD, the industry will also have to take account of new guidance on irresponsible lending due to be issued by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in March.