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Hydrogen’s transformative potential as a fuel source for cars

In the quest for carbon neutrality, Battery Electric Vehicles get all the hype. But does hydrogen offer unsung potential? Chris Farnell reports.

EV road tax: plugging the Gap

EVs will soon have to pay road tax in the UK, drawing attention to the revenue shortage that will be created by the absence of ICE vehicles on the road.

House of Lords report examines EV landscape

The House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee recently released its findings from an inquiry into the UK’s EV strategy. Chris Farnell reports.

Is the European leasing sector really driving the EV revolution?

A new report scrutinises the green claims of major leasing companies, revealing a stark reality that challenges their role in the shift to emission-free mobility. Chris Farnell reports.

Vintage cars in the age of EV

“There is nothing stopping someone from buying a vintage, classic or any type of ICE car at the end of 2029 and running it for decades – as long as the appropriate fuel is available”

Obstacles on the road to decarbonising EV batteries

In an attempt to bring Europe and the UK’s battery supply chain home, stiff new tariffs are being introduced. But will they have the intended effect? Chris Farnell reports.

A captive audience: when dealerships want to keep car financing in-house

When a consumer buys a car, do they have the right to shop around for finance? Or is the dealer entitled to funnel them into their own finance arrangements? And will the Consumer Duty change all that?

Are EV leasing prices inflated?

A recent report looking at EV leasing prices and depreciation rates argues leasing prices are too high, sparking a robust response from the industry. In this argument settler, Chris Farnell looks at both sides of the debate.

Spring Budget 2023 fails to impress motor finance professionals

“Even if caution is understandable, given the challenges ahead, this budget is not up to the task”