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Smart technology the new key to conversion

If you are an automotive national sales company or finance executive charged with accelerating sales and retention for your firm, you will probably say you have a perfectly good system in place to deliver this. However,a system on its own is nothing without effective communication, argues Autofutura’s Paul Bennet

Fleet Friday: data, deals and automobiles

This week’s weekly round-up of fleet news features big software deals, latest research findings by the likes of GE and iVendi, product launches and an appointment. By Jonathan Minter, Isabella Grotto and Mike Cobb.

Fleet Friday: going green

The weekly round up of fleet news. By Jonathan Minter, Isabella Grotto and Mike Cobb.

Lenders write deeper as liquidity returns

Prime lenders are beginning to lower their risk scores says Louise Haines which means the non-prime and subprime lenders are having to take on higher risk to protect their market share