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Financing bankruptcy – a lender’s risk

When tycoon Graham Gillespie pulled up to Gleneagles Hotel in a £230,000 Bentley it grabbed the attention of guests, creditors and the press, not least because Gillespie had just been declared bankrupt

Treating Customers Fairly – a trading style

In 2006 the Financial Services Authority (FSA) set out its intentions to promote a new framework which it named Treating Customers Fairly (TCF), underpinning the delivery of statutory consumer protection The aim was to move to a more principle-based approach to regulation.

Lenders must assess affordability to comply

In February, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) revised its Irresponsible Lending Guidance (ILG) as a result of the Consumer Credit Directive (CCD) coming into UK law. The guidance reflects the considerations applied by the OFT in assessing whether a finance company should hold a consumer credit licence