New passenger car registrations in the EU rose by 5.8% year-on-year in November to 1,148,618 units, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

The rebound followed a slowdown the previous month, and was powered by strong gains in some of the major European car markets, led by Spain recording a 13.5% increase in sales.

France and Italy followed with rises of 8.5% and 8.2% respectively, while the UK experienced a more modest rise of 2.9%, and Germany of 1.5%.

All new passenger car markets experienced year-on-year an increase in November with the exception of Bulgaria, where registrations fell 7.1% year-on-year in November, and the Netherlands, where registrations plummeted 20% over the same period.

In the 11 months to November 2016, new passenger car registrations in the EU grew by 7.1% to 12,597,864 with Spain growing 11.1%, while the market in the Netherlands slumped again, falling by 8.6%.

The Volkswagen Group saw its market share grow over both periods, increasing to 24.6% in November, and 24.9% of EU registrations in the 11 months to November 2016.

The group registered 294,414 units in November, and 2,358,929 units in the January to November period, more than double that of Renault, the second largest group by market share.