Société Générale’s fleet management business line ALD Automotive has introduced its mobility offering in Belgium.

Called ALD Move, the service is a multi-mobility solution targeted at corporate clients.

It allows employees to manage plans, book and pay for mobility services via an app, a management platform, and a payment card.

ALD Move’s Belgium launch follows its launch in France in May this year. It is also available in the Netherlands.

The French firm aims to expand into all major European cities by 2025.

The mobility solution can also offer advisory services including market analysis, profiling of employees, predictive CO² calculations and total cost of mobility (TCM) projections.

Through the solution, fleet managers, mobility managers and HR professionals gain access to a management platform, which allows them to set and monitor mobility budgets and expenditure, as well as track mobility usage and CO2 emissions.

Meanwhile, employees can spend the allocated budget in the app or with the payment card on employer-authorised mobility means.

They can also use the app to monitor and manage their budget besides planning their trip.

ALD CEO Tim Albertsen said: “At ALD Automotive, we believe that mobility can be delivered in a smarter, more sustainable manner through technology, partnerships and industry expertise.

“Our goal is to shape the future of mobility by harnessing the power of Mobility-as-a-Service and making it a reality for our corporate clients and their employees.”