Alfa Romeo is offering £500 deposit contribution over and above all retail deals on the MiTo and Giulietta from now until 23 September in the hope of adding new sales as customers are attracted to the latest licence plate at forecourts.

The discount may be used in conjunction with any advertised retail deal, including PCP, HP or cash purchase, but not with non-retail finance such as fleet and personal contract hire.

In two examples given in a company statement, the Alfa MiTo Live Limited Edition is available with a £2,000 contribution (£1,500 from the dealer, plus the additional £500) on a PCP arrangement with payments of £159 a month over three years; meanwhile, the Giulietta 1.4 TB 120 bhp Turismo would be available with a £1,750 discount (£1,250, plus the £500) on either PCP, HP or cash payment, PCP coming in at £199 a month with 0% APR.

Alfa conducted a similar sales promotion in May, offering £500 above other contributions, with a spokesperson for the brand telling Motor Finance the event had been "well received" and both the MiTo and Giulietta were seen as models "designed to bring conquest customers" to the marque.

As part of the Fiat Group, finance for Alfa Romeo is operated by FGA Capital.