Alphabet’s broker sales channel Alphabet Partner has grown its portfolio to over 20,000 vehicles since its launch in September 2014.

The fleet lessor stated that Alphabet Partner delivered more than 12,500 vehicles across its 40 dealer partners in 2016.

Graham Conway, head of Alphabet Partner, said: “To achieve a vehicle fleet of over 20,000 in little over 2 years shows the power of our partnership approach in action, engaging with a select group of well-established, like-minded brokers.”

Conway said that Alphabet’s icon platform had been a “cornerstone of our success,” and said that though 2017 would be challenging for the industry, Alphabet Partner predicted to perform well.

He added: “2016 is clearly going to be a challenge for the automotive industry across the board…But in challenging times, successful businesses adapt and their qualities come to the fore.

“I’m confident that our recipe for success over the past two years will ensure that we evolve and thrive in 2017, 2018, and beyond.”