UK car owners spend an average of £5,670 in costs to run a car over its typical lifetime of three years and 10 months, according to research from American Express.

The research was conducted by Opinium, and surveyed 2,000 adults from 7-9 February 2017. The costs included fuel, parking fees, and repairs.  

American Express found that the average spend in running costs was more than half the average car purchase price, which was £11,094 in 2017.

In the UK, drivers in Manchester spent the most, £5,918, while those in Leeds and Cardiff were tied for the longest average car lifespan at three years and 11 months.

Drivers in Newcastle had both the lowest car lifespan, at three years and six months, and the lowest average running costs of £5,301.

Londoners spent more than the UK-wide average, with £5,733 in car running costs, but matched the typical lifespan of three years and 10 months.