The government initiative Go Ultra Low is having a ‘nudge effect’ on the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) by fleets, according to vehicle lessor and fleet manager Arval.

Go Ultra Low was launched by the British government to encourage adoption of EVs, and in January schemes were launched in Nottingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes and London with £40m of funding.

The initiatives include free public parking for EVs in Milton Keynes, and access to bus lanes in Nottingham and Derby, measures which Arval claims could benefit drivers.

David Watts, fleet consultant at Arval UK, said: “Free parking is a genuine benefit, [and] access to bus lanes…could knock ten minutes off your commute every day or reduce the travelling time between jobs for commercial drivers.”

David Watts warned that though this does not point to instant adoption of EVs by fleets, the schemes were beginning to influence vehicle decisions.

Watts said: “Momentum is building…The Go Ultra Low initiatives are part of this thought process. They provide a ‘nudge’ for fleets and drivers to change their thinking and their behaviour.

“It will be very interesting to see the degree of effect that they have and we are supporting our customers who operate within those cities to watch for developments.”