The average age, mileage and price of used cars were the most stable they’d been for a decade on Autorola UK’s online remarketing portal.

Between Q1 and Q3, the average mileage fell by just 187 miles, while average age remained steady at 33 months.

The average Q1 price was £8,641, less than £200 below Q3s £8,838 price. Prices were slightly higher in Q2, however, at £8,842.
Jon Mitchell, Autorola UK’s sales director, said: "In the first three quarters of 2015 used prices were as stable as we have seen them since launching Autorola in the UK 10 years ago.

"Demand and supply were both very consistent right across the year and even when part exchange volumes increased quite dramatically in both April and October after a plate change prices remained very consistent."

In Q4, the average age remained 33 months, and mileage rose by just 54 miles, to 21,379 miles. However the average price increased by over £502, to £9,360 over the same period. Autorola said this was caused by more high value part exchanges being sold online.

Mitchell said: "In quarter four we have seen more £20k plus stock being purchased online from our prestige manufacturer brand clients which has explained why average prices increased quite dramatically. When you take those cars out of the mix the Q4 average price was closer to that of the first three quarters of the year."