Black is the most popular colour for buyers of used cars, representing 26% of those sold in 2016, according to BCA.

Comparing used colour choices in 2011 and 2016, the remarketer found that in 2016 black displaced silver as the colour of choice. Silver remained the second most popular colour of used cars sold, though, with 18% of sales.

Grey and blue used cars both represented 14% of sales each, while white cars experienced the largest percentage change, rising to 13.5% this year from 3% of the market in 2011.

White cars experienced the highest average values at £9,811, which BCA attributed to being sold at the lowest average age and mileage, 43.2 months and 42,247 miles.

In comparison, black cars managed to rank third in average values at £8,122 despite having the third highest mileage and age combination at 57,601 and 61.7 months.

Tim Naylor, head of PR at BCA, said: “While there is always a place for quirky and unusual colour schemes, by and large used car buyers are fairly traditional in their tastes.

“As used car buyers cannot specify the exact colour they want, they choose the best combination of model, specification, age, mileage and condition for their budget, and get the most attractive colour they can.”