BMW UK has changed its policy on its dealers listing BMW and MINI cars on the carwow new car portal following a conversation with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

The CMA launched the investigation after it was alerted by carwow, who asked the authority to investigate whether BMW had breached competition law.

The authority met both companies, and following engagement with BMW UK, the carmaker told the CMA it had changed its policy, allowing dealers to list on carwow and similar portals.

Following this notification, the CMA decided not to initiate a formal investigation of BMW UK at the time. However, it stated that this was due to its prioritisation principles, and not a statement about whether or not competition law had been infringed upon.

Ann Pope, CMA senior director of antitrust, said: “Online comparison tools can promote competition in many markets and help consumers make informed choices. The CMA therefore welcomes BMW UK’s change of policy.”