Overall values of cars at three years and 60,000 miles fell by 2% in November, according to cap hpi, a lower fall than the 2.6% that occurred in December 2015.

In November, city car values fell 2.2% at three years and 60,000 miles and 3.2% at one year in 10,000, a notably lower fall than the 4.2% and 3.9% recorded during the same period last year.

Cap hpi said that lower pre-registration volumes among city cars supported values, with city car values also declining less than in 2015.

James Dower, senior editor Black Book at cap hpi, said: “City car tends to be affected by new vehicle activity and has, historically, seen some volatility, most notably on nearly new values. November saw this to a lesser degree than we have seen before.”

In other sectors, convertibles and coupe cabriolets saw values fall by 3.2% and three years and 60,000 miles, while SUVs fell 1.3% for the same conditions.

Electric vehicles experienced the lowest decline in values, with an average decline of 0.9% at three years and 60,000 miles. The Nissan Leaf saw its values increase by 2.9%.

Dower said: “The improvement in performance of the EV could signal that the price point is now at a stage that used vehicle retail buyers are giving serious consideration to electric and understanding how they can work for them.”