CLM is creating a new site in addition to its site in Wharley End to double its processing capacity.    

Parent company Maxxia utilises CLM to evaluate and prepare vehicles for sale and with increased demand for post – lease services, there will be investment in new premises close to its Newport Pagnell head office.   

The new 16,000 square feet site will enable CLM to double its processing capacity and manage approximately 6,000 vehicles a year.   

John Lawrence, CLM’s managing director said: “The investment is necessary for two reasons, one that the Maxxia Group’s contract hire business is growing fast and needs the CLM resources and skills to process its end of contract vehicles. And two, the demand for vehicle storage and other support services from CLM’s clients has increased dramatically.  

“The CLM clients that utilise our Smartpanel service, to source vehicle finance from our panel of funders, typically use us to evaluate vehicles before they are returned to the funders. Our intervention allows us to intercede where subsequent end of contract recharges are unfair, or allows us to rectify vehicles on their behalves to avoid the recharges altogether. In addition, where our clients experience employee turnover, we store, refresh and reallocate vehicles so that existing vehicle contracts are optimised,” he said.  

“For Maxxia, we evaluate vehicles to ensure that if a Maxxia client does face a recharge, it is fair, in line with BVRLA standards and fully evidenced. This is an exciting time for us. The extra capacity will enable CLM to process vehicles faster and more efficiently and therefore get them to market and realise the asset value more quickly,” he concluded.