Netherlands-based customer feedback specialist Mopinion has opened its UK headquarters in London.

Mopinion, which has worked with automotive companies such as BMW and Volkswagen Audi Group, collects and analyses information from customers and staff of an organisation, and will also analyse whether insights and suggestions it provides have led to expected improvements.

Mopinion’s founder and managing partner, Udesh Jadnanansing, said the UK was "a huge market for service industries" and added, with consumers able to publicise grievances on social media, "organisations cannot afford to lose customers thorough unrecognised problems or issues."

Jadnanansing concluded: "If you aren’t speaking to your customer and solving their problems, somebody else will."

The move follows forays into customer feedback technology from subprime lender The Funding Coorporation, Mitsubishi’s evaluation of its franchised dealerships, and a Kia marketing campaign based on information from customer reviews.