Delta, a power and thermal management solutions provider, has said that it will showcase its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure at eMove360° Europe 2022.

Delta’s proof of concept includes EV chargers, solar PV, energy storage and energy management systems.

The firm claims to have installed its offering at its Hoofddorp, Netherlands-based EMEA headquarters where it serves the growing need for EV charging services while easing the load on facility energy infrastructure and the electricity grid.

According to a survey on EV charging behaviour, 80%-90% of EV users charge their vehicles at home or work.

Delta Electronics EMEA senior director of e-mobility & smart energy solutions business development Vincent Lin said: “The migration to EVs is gathering pace. As a result, there are already more than six million EVs on roads across the EU today.

“Further accelerating this trend is legislation that will ban the sale of ICE vehicles in the EU in 2035. Ahead of this, Delta already offers a comprehensive portfolio of EV Charging Infrastructure Solutions that are designed specifically for residential, commercial, destination, and public charging applications.”

Delta’s commercial and designation charging solution is designed for locations where EV drivers park for longer durations, such as commercial environments with large parking, shopping areas, restaurants, entertainment, offices, and hotels.

This offering can also be used by EV fleet operators, car dealers, office buildings, and industrial applications.

The residential charging infrastructure is aimed at equipping homes with their charging infrastructure to reduce carbon footprint and cut household energy costs by using PV systems, EV chargers and Delta mobile app.