Automotive technology provider epyx has claimed that the best used car stock is now largely sold online to dealers in a ready-to-retail condition due to increasingly stock availability.

Epyx operates the 1link Disposal Network ecommerce platform, and has noted a shift to online sales in 2016.

David Goodyear, commercial director at epyx, said: “There are ever larger numbers of PCPs and other leasing returns coming to the market and this has required manufacturers and leasing companies to rethink their approach to disposal in some important ways.”

Goodyear stated that efforts to free up capital rapidly had caused an increase in efforts to quickly resell stock to meet dealer demand.

He said: “The best way to do this is online, purely because the process is much faster than sending the car to a traditional auction, and potentially places the vehicle in front of many more buyers.”

Arguing that the majority of stock at physical auctions tended to be of lesser quality, Goodyear added: “there is no question in our minds that the best stock is now largely being sold online.”

The increasing return of PCP stock is expected to cause a ‘further refining’ of disposal strategies, with stock levels predicted to increase, he said.