Ford Motor Credit has ended the shared-lease pilot it was conducting in the US, according to US automotive site Automotive News.

The scheme has been running since February in Austin, Texas, and gave participants the chance to chance to form self-organised groups of between three to six people who could lease a car between them.

Unfortunately for Ford Credit, the programme failed to attract a large enough number of lessees, and in June it was reported the scheme was yet to have its first customers sign up to it.

Speaking to Automotive News, Ford Motor Credit chief executive officer suggested the fact that the contract was joint and severally liable put off consumers, especially those not related.

She added that the company had learned it would need to create something approximating a to bring consumers together as part of a future solution.

Although this marks the end of one of Ford’s attempts to enter the so called ‘shared economy’, the company has several other avenue’s it is exploring, including a car sharing pilot it launched in London at the end of 2015.