Geotab, a technology solutions provider for fleets, has formed an alliance with MANTIS Live to offer integrated telematics and CCTV services.

With over two decades of experience in connectivity and fleet technology, MANTIS Live specialises in connected vehicle camera systems.

MANTIS Live’s solution supports up to 24 cameras to offer a multi-cam view around the vehicle.

Powered by Geotab, MANTIS will offer a fully integrated solution supported by an evidence management platform, Geotab said.  

Through the solution, fleet operators gain access to connectivity, fault detection and backup support, it added.

Geotab vice president, UK & Ireland David Savage said: “Telematics data, backed up by video evidence, is the ideal combination to keep fleets safe on the road. Our telematics systems can spot when drivers make sharp braking or acceleration manoeuvers and are a clear indicator of an incident on the road.

“The ability to back that data up with video is a perfect combination to provide the evidence needed for insurance companies or the police in the event of an accident. 

MANTIS Live’s Matthew Vass, says: “Although our team has vast experience, we are not trying to become a telematics company. Instead, we look to partner with the world’s best telematics systems like Geotab to build a deep integration with our camera services.

“Our integration with Geotab will take things to the next level. A seamless and unrestricted camera experience backed up with outstanding customer service.”