The group that owns vehicle valuations company Glass’s has rebranded to the Autovista Group, in a move it says will express its ‘pan-European stature’.

The Glass’s logo has been updated to include the Autovista Group logo. A spokesperson from the company told Motor Finance that Glass’s name would remain, and indicated the website would undergo a redesign at a later date.

Kirsten Stocker, head of communications at Autovista Group, said: “The EurotaxGlass’s name will be phased out, but the Glass’, Schwacke, Eurotax and Autovista brand names will remain. Logos for businesses and products across the group – including Glass’s – will change in line with our new corporate branding.

“Implementing our new branding across our business and local operating companies will take several months and will include implementing the new Glass’s branding and designs at our Glass’s [website].”

An Autovista Group website has been created. The group said that they aim for the business to be all-digital by the end of 2017.

Lindsey Roberts, chief executive officer, Autovista Group said: “Our new name reflects our ambition to become the leading automotive pricing intelligence provider across Europe – something we are well on course to achieving.

“Pricing and the implications of price for our customers is probably the single most important business-critical issue they face as it affects every part of the automotive life-cycle.”