Jaguar Land Rover will launch an online store in partnership with internet car retailer Rockar.

The digital dealership will go live on 7 September and will be followed with a concept store at the Westfield Stratford shopping complex in London.

The site will allow potential customers to arrange finance and trade in existing models, as well as book test drives.

The Stratford store will open in early October, and prospective customers will be able to sample colours and leathers, view the six car models on display, and complete the purchase online or at the store.

Jaguar Land Rover is currently spending £1bn on its 201 retail locations across the UK.

Jeremy Hicks, managing director, Jaguar Land Rover UK said, “It’s an exciting time for Jaguar Land Rover, we have a range of new models aimed at new customer groups and as such we are looking at how we can best serve our expanding customer base.

“Our retailers are investing £1bn in the UK network, and our partnership with Rockar represents some of the incremental new, innovative solutions that we are introducing to engage and serve our customers.”

Sarah Nelmes, network development manager, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Customer needs are changing as our lifestyles and the technology available to use evolves. Jaguar and Land Rover customers can now choose from a suite of buying and servicing options

Simon Dixon, Rockar, chief executive officer, said: “Our research has revealed that customers in today’s digital age are looking for an easier way of buying cars, more aligned to how they shop for their clothes, food and gadgets. Rockar’s recent success has proved this research with over 60% of its customers now buying online.”