Car leasing comparison platform has formed an alliance with MotorEasy to offer car protection and workshop services. 

The tie-up will see MotorEasy’s parent brand Intelligent Motoring provide services to all customers. 

Services to be offered via the partnership include cosmetic and alloy wheel insurance, car servicing, repairs and MOTs.

The collaboration with Intelligent Motoring is the latest among several has made to make the lifecycle of leasing ownership as easy as possible. 

Customers can protect the appearance of their vehicle and avoid the end-of-lease damage penalties via cosmetic and alloy cover, which allows them to make up to six cosmetic repair claims annually, while alloy cover allows up to four claims annually. 

MOT and repair services are aimed at ensuring all legal and safety requirements are met. chief partnerships officer Paul Harrison said: “ is well established as THE car leasing comparison site. It is important to us that our customers find all the transactions associated with leasing a car, throughout the lease lifecycle, to be as easy as choosing a new car lease through us. 

“Intelligent Motoring’s MotorEasy fits the bill as the right solution to provide a first class and cost-efficient range of key aftersales services.”

Intelligent Motoring CEO Duncan McClure Fisher said: “Cosmetic and alloy insurance are the perfect complementary products to sell alongside a new car lease. From as little as £5 per month for alloy and £7 per month for cosmetic insurance, a car owner can insure the appearance of their vehicle without risking their no-claims bonus or incurring a hefty excess fee with their main insurer. 

“Given how common it can be to scratch your car in the supermarket car-park or scuff your tyres on a pothole or kerbside, it is a highly cost-effective way to safeguard your car’s appearance.”