The Leasing Foundation, a non-profit organisation representing UK leasing professionals, has announced three events scheduled over the next two months.

Firstly, on the 14 of September, NextGeneration Networking is back for another evening of mixing and mingling – at the Terrace near Liverpool Street in London.

The event will start at 6pm and will cost approximately £49. More information is available on the following link.

Secondly, the Recruitment and retainment of disabled people networking event will take place on 21 September in London.

The disability employment rate, which shows the number of disabled people in employment, has remained around 52% for the last three years. Whilst it’s slowly increasing, it still shows that almost half of people with disabilities are unemployed.

The guest speaker is Jane Hatton – Founder and CEO of Evenbreak, an organisation that helps inclusive employers attract and retain talented disabled candidates. For more information, please consult the following link.

Lastly, the Race & Ethnicity in the Workplace will be hosted on 25 September.

Many companies, particularly SMEs, are keen to increase their diversity, equity and inclusion. However, the perception that it will require large amounts of effort and resources or a large expert team to implement can sometimes be a barrier.

The initiative aims to equip members with practical DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) policies and initiatives, suitable for a range of budgets and resources, which companies can look to implement.

The event is completely free and will happen via Zoom at 1pm. More information can be found through the following link.