MotoNovo Finance has updated its app-based self-service finance option in 500 dealerships, which it claims will increase control and transparency for customers, and protect dealer incomes.

First launched in 2015, the updated version of ‘Self-Serve’ now generates an email link for consumers to access on their devices.

Using the link, customers can create and compare quotes to choose their finance package, and talk to staff via a live chat or telephone before submitting their proposal. Once approved, customers can digitally sign the agreement.

MotoNovo motor division chief executive officer Karl Werner said: “The Self-Serve app provides a valuable new option to our dealers and a more secure, transparent, and efficient offer for our customers too.

“With banks, direct-to-consumer brokers, and even our favourite supermarkets increasingly offering a self-checkout service, it was vital that MotoNovo continued its proven record of progressing with the times and adapting to customers’ desires.”