Renault has reported €10.5bn (£9.4bn) in revenue in the third quarter of 2016 for a 13% year-on-year increase.

The French carmaker saw registrations increase 16% over the same period to 721,741 vehicles, as the global car market bounced 5%.

The group saw the largest single regional gains in Europe in Q3, where registrations rose 11.3%, boosting Renault’s market share to 9.5%.

In the Eurasia market, Renault’s market share improved to 12.4% in Q3, while experiencing a 4.7% decline in registrations in Russia, and 23.1% fewer sales in Turkey.

In its native France, the group saw a 3.9% rise in registrations to 123,000 in Q3 2016, as the Renault Clio IV was crowned the best-selling passenger car in September.

By segment, automotive revenue rose 13.5% to €9.9bn, which Renault attributed to a 10.7 point increase in volume and a 4.6 point increase in pricing.

The group noted, however, that the euro’s gain against currencies such as the Argentinean peso and the British pound had created an ‘unfavourable impact’ of 3.8 points.

Sales financing revenue increased 4.3% on Q3 2015, to €557m, with new financing contracts up 10%, and average performing assets growing 17.5% to €33.9bn.

Renault said it expects both its European and French markets to increase by a minimum of 5%, and the global market to rise 1.7% in 2016.