Volkswagen has made its mobile telematics system available across the UK, providing a free connected dataplug in selected Volkswagen retailers.

Through the Volkswagen Connect app and Car-Net system, drivers of Volkswagen cars made after 2008, excluding the Touareg and Phaeton models, will be able to access connected car features.

The system uses a mobile app and a Bluetooth-enabled dataplug to show information about the car and it journeys. Volkswagen’s dataplug will be provided free until 2018, and can be retrofitted by Volkswagen retailers.

Volkswagen Connect allows a stream of information to go to user’s smartphones. The features include information about each journey, fuel monitoring, advice on fuel-efficient driving, and notifications when services are required.

The service partner function can contact the driver’s nominated Volkswagen retailer and arrange a service. Drivers can also use Volkswagen Connect to seek roadside assistance when broken down.

The app also has a function called My Challenges, which gives drivers points according to their driving style. Drivers can complete tasks related to safe and efficient driving, winning virtual trophies, unlocking news tasks, and comparing scores with other Volkswagen drivers.

David McMillan, Volkswagen’s digital service product manager, said: “Volkswagen Connect is an exciting addition to customer’s cars.

“We know that our customers enjoy ease of use and Volkswagen Connect assists with this because it brings the information that is already available within the car to the customer’s mobile phone app.”