Rapid growth over the last year is seeing Startline Motor Finance move into larger offices this month.

At 7,500ft², the new premises – still within Glasgow’s Skypark development – are around two-and-a-half times larger than the company’s previous headquarters.

Startline now has 85 employees and in the last few months has appointed its first Head of IT and Digital and first Head of Business Intelligence, alongside a range of other new roles.

CEO Paul Burgess explained that the additional space should see Startline through its next phase of development.

He said: “The last 12 months have been transformative for the company. We are now working with a wider variety of dealer groups and online portals, giving us access to many more potential customers.

“Also, we have extended our product range beyond our core hire purchase product to add PCP and Finishline, which is designed to extend the reach of our flexible prime concept.

“Looking into 2019, we foresee further, similar growth and the new move gives us the space and the physical infrastructure to enter that phase of development.”

Since being established five years ago, Startline has been a pioneer in the motor finance sector, specialising in products that are designed to be used when a mainstream prime lender rejects an applicant.

Paul said: “It makes no sense and is unfair that buyers who fall slightly below prime lender requirements very often end up using a sub-prime offer. There should be other options.

“We believe that, with a shifting social and economic landscape signifying changes in homeownership and employment patterns, that a move towards products like Finishline makes absolute sense and, if the economy continues to falter, will be even more relevant.

“What we do at Startline is treat the applicant as an individual. Of course, we have some hard lending rules but in areas where other lenders take a black-and-white approach, we will take a look at the applicant in more detail.

“Finishline is a continuation of this approach and its success over the last year is a good indication of the validity of our approach.”