A motor finance captive company is struggling to recover its six
high-value vehicles after they were illegally transported to a
foreign jurisdiction, Motor Finance has learned.

The captive’s anti-fraud team has
managed to track them through Germany into Northern Cyprus, where
the vehicles are currently being held.

Roger Potgieter, the motor finance
partner at law firm Shoosmiths, which is assisting the captive,
said the motor finance client has managed to get the port
authorities in Northern Cyprus to hold the vehicles, even though
the alleged fraudsters have demanded their release.

The law firm has been able to obtain
an injunction preventing the port authorities from releasing the
vehicles while the case is ongoing. According to Potgieter, getting
the injunction was only possible thanks to the law firm’s contacts
with a local legal practice.

He said: “The way we can do that is
through a network of legal connections throughout the world. We
don’t have offices in Cyprus but we are able to liaise with lawyers
over there to get the necessary processes in that jurisdiction
under way to protect our client.”