The feel-good

Photo of Nigel Williams, Commercial development manager, BENThere are many ways to
measure the economic environment – some formal, and some less
formal. From our perspective as fundraisers at BEN, it is as
important for us to understand the economic backdrop as any other
organisation – if not more so.

In the finance world there are a
number of ‘proxy’ measurements that help gauge the market, such as
the number of new business proposals received.

But, as I was reflecting on
this, it occurred to me that another potential ‘proxy’ economic
measurement had raised its head during the first couple of months
of this year.

We had hardly started addressing
New Year’s resolutions when invitations started coming in for the
annual industry dinners and awards – since then, there seems to
have been about one a week!

I have been fortunate to attend
a number of these so far, and attendances have been high across the

There are a couple of things to
take from this. First, because BEN is often the nominated charity,
we have been exceptionally pleased with the level of donations that
have been made by attendees – many thanks to all of you.

Secondly, does the high level of
attendance tell us anything about our current view of the economy
or the sector?

There is no doubt confidence is
important in creating a feel-good factor. As such, it looks like we
have turned a small corner – if attendance at annual dinners is any

Nigel Williams, Commercial
development manager, BEN