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1link Disposal Network

Transform and Simplify Vehicle Remarketing Operations

epyx Limited

Heath Farm
Hampton Lane

epyx Limited

Heath Farm
Hampton Lane

1link Disposal Network Pro gives you unparalleled control and visibility at every step of your remarketing journey, all through one powerful online platform.

Fleet software for the automotive industry

1link is the pioneering and leading provider of fleet software for the automotive industry and has been working closely with leading fleets, leasing companies and dealers since the year 2000.

We give you the ability to streamline your entire used vehicle remarketing operation, and as we are completely independent, you decide how you sell or repatriate your vehicles. We put you in full control, allowing you to make the right decisions when defleeting your vehicles, saving you time and money in the process.

With one login you can simplify and automate all your remarketing processes as much or as little as you like and enjoy benefits such as:

• Maximised profits by sending the right vehicles to the right sales channels with auto-route allocation
• Price vehicles correctly every time with auto pricing
• Arrange transportation, inspections, repairs and damage recharge
• Full inventory to track vehicle locations, lifecycle and defleet progress
• Streamlined inspection process and dedicated inspection app
• Audit-proof reporting at every touchpoint
• Quickly publish & sell vehicles on our online trade platform or use white-label solutions to give your own network-exclusive access

You may be wondering how we do all this. That’s the really clever bit, we take all your data from every source and feed it all automatically into the platform using APIs.

Seamless integration of automotive suppliers, inspection companies and auction centres

That means all your suppliers, auction centres, transport providers and inspection companies all integrated seamlessly together, allowing you to control your entire remarketing process from one single login.

So that means:

• No more juggling spreadsheets
• No more manually collating data
• No more third-party logins
• No more missing vehicles
• And no more stress

To discover the true potential of 1link Disposal Network Pro and why it’s used by the UK’s leading fleets such as Volkswagen Financial Services, Zenith, Alphabet & Inchcape contact us now.

Who we are

We are part of epyx, which has been providing the automotive industry with advanced IT and ecommerce solutions for more than 18 years.

epyx’s solutions have been proven to optimise operations efficiency for established fleets and their suppliers.

The company’s systems have been implemented by vehicle fleets with a combined total of three million, in addition to more than 18,000 service providers and numerous car manufacturers on behalf of franchise dealer networks.

1link will have the right solution if you’re seeking forecourt stock, fleet servicing or management of vehicle lifecycles.

The 1link platform handles the complete lifecycle spectrum of fleet vehicles, covering key processes such as acquisition of vehicles, servicing and maintenance, rentals, relicensing and eventual disposal.

1link connects everyone throughout the supply chain, from the driver and supplier to the fleet. Transactions are completed promptly, efficiently, and economically with precision.

Ever since it was created in the year 2000, the 1link range of solutions has been a leader for the automotive industry. The platform has provided substantial savings in administration and costs, boosting accuracy of processing, and raising service standards.

The full 1link portfolio includes:

• Disposal Network: buy or sell pre-owned vehicles
• Disposal Network pro: Manage your entire remarketing operation
• Service Network: service and maintain vehicles
• Vehicle Network: source or supply new vehicles
• Hire Network: manage your vehicle rental
• Vehicle Relicensing: tax your vehicles online
• e-Procurement: source and supply tyres

To find out more about our extensive product offering and how we can help your company visit, or call 0808 250 2378.