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Chrysalis Loyalty

Automotive Loyalty Solutions

UK and Europe - Head Office

Chrysalis Solmotive
Chancery House
71 Market Street
West Midlands

UK and Europe - Head Office

Chrysalis Solmotive
Chancery House
71 Market Street
West Midlands

Established in 2004, Chrysalis Loyalty has grown to become a leading global provider of loyalty solutions for manufacturers, finance companies and retailers in the automotive industry.

Headquartered in the UK with regional offices in the US, Canada, and Australia, we currently serve nine brands and more than 2,500 retailers in 12 countries around the world.

In 2017, we completed a multi-million pound investment in our platform to support our growth and the emerging needs of our clients.

We hold data on millions customer finance agreements, vehicle inventory, tactical incentives and combine it with industry data sources in a powerful algorithm to identify who should be contacted, when and with what message or offer in order to maximise sales.

Key2Key is our retailer renewals platform, supporting best-practice renewal processes and the identification of customers in a position to change their vehicle with little or no change to their monthly budget.

We also provide powerful forecasting and planning tools that assist in the optimal use of tactical incentives, and a range of complementary services including training, consultancy, portfolio analysis and an outbound call centre. Benefits include:

  • Key2Key: retailer renewals platform
  • P4 Calculator: forecast parity to plan sales and campaigns
  • 4S Calculator: create more sales when you need them
  • API: integrate applications and services
  • Data warehousing: customer data, inventory, offers and incentives
  • Training: system, call and appointment handling certification
  • Call centre: outbound calling for high converting leads
  • Portfolio analysis: insight into your portfolio as a bureau service
  • Consultancy: embed effective processes and solutions

This unique portfolio of products and services enables us to partner with brands and retailers using retention to accelerate their growth.

Our vision is to help clients achieve sustainable and profitable customer retention enabling them to sell more cars, more often. We never stand still and our senior management team are constantly looking to innovate and improve.

Throughout our growth, we have remained committed to doing our part to make the automotive industry better for everyone, and have held true to the values the company was founded on.


We are unafraid to do things differently, and never give up on opportunities to deliver positive change for our customers.


We want to continue delivering growth for ourselves and our customers, and look for opportunities to do so wherever they are in the world.


We are kind and honest with one another, donating resources and money to people who need it through Chrysalis in the Community, and various partner charities.


We passionately believe in providing customers with the best possible financial solution when purchasing a vehicle, offering the lowest cost of ownership, while providing the benefits of a new or used vehicle.

Our vision and values are passionately held by our founder and CEO, Jolyon Barker, and remain an integral part of our approach to doing business.


Chrysalis Loyalty PTY LTD
Level 1, 39 Terry Street
NSW 2039

+61 3 9686 7222


Chrysalis Loyalty (Canada) Inc
4-115 First Street
Suite 315
Collingwood Ontario