Founded in 2009, iVendi is the international market leader in online motor finance solutions, working with everyone from dealers and manufacturers to car portals and motor finance providers.

Our modular product range engages with over five million consumers every month and converts these into highly qualified leads and finance applications for thousands of motor retailers, manufacturers and finance providers. iVendi technology manages transactions enabling end-to-end online retail through the most significant vehicle retailing platform in the UK.

We work with some of the largest and most renowned finance providers, manufacturers and dealers in the UK and across Europe, including MotoNovo Finance, Societe General, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, BDK, Vauxhall, Harley Davidson, Network Q, Motors, Sinclair Group, Pentagon and Juhu Auto.

We would value the opportunity to learn more about your business and discuss in detail how our solutions and expertise might help to transform your approach to omnichannel vehicle retail.

Omnichannel Vehicle Retail Solutions


iVendi’s product range works together to connect your online and showroom sales processes, providing an end-to-end omnichannel vehicle retailing solution.


iVendi’s smart search technology delivers highly targeted, personalised results for each consumer and promotes the affordability of your vehicles. With features such as the ability to display new and used stock together, iVendi ENGAGE improves the visibility of your stock and helps consumers find the right vehicle in record time.


iVendi CONVERT is a powerful lead generation tool, which turns website visitors into highly qualified leads by demonstrating the affordability of your vehicles. With features, including finance calculators, finance checks, a reservation tool, and the multi-lender comparator view, iVendi CONVERT pre-qualifies consumers, producing high-quality leads. Consumers can personalise finance quotes and apply for finance with confidence, all at a time that is convenient for them. Capture consumers at different stages of the buying journey and keep consumers on your website longer with iVendi CONVERT.


An innovative deal management system, which supports e-commerce, iVendi TRANSACT bridges the gap between online and showroom sales processes. With features such as a digital deal builder, two-way transaction management and multi-lender submission, iVendi TRANSACT enables effective e-commerce.  Retailers can send a digital deal to every customer via a secure account, facilitating negotiation and communication between the retailer and consumer. Quickly quote multiple finance products including value-added products to consumers in your showroom or online.

The iVendi Guarantee


iVendi produces over 100 billion quotes and our technology is accessed by around five million unique users per month. This scale of activity demands the highest levels of system availability, support and data security. We have a dedicated Information Security and Compliance team working to ensure our customers and partners benefit from 24-hour support and a robust security infrastructure built to banking standards.

Enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that all iVendi products are built on a foundation of compliance with a fully transparent audit trail for all transactional activity, protecting you in the event of potential compliance infractions. Our secure account area protects the dealer, the consumer and the lender by providing evidence of a compliant sales journey.

All iVendi products come with a full account management service to help you get the best value out of our solutions and leverage our unique data and insights. Our dedicated account managers provide a personalised service ensuring you receive the best products for your business.

Client testimonials in the motor finance industry

“We like working with iVendi because they provide everything we need to offer multi-lender online quotations from one source and one system. There is a high level of account management, training and nurturing provided and this helps us achieve what we are looking for – better customer service, higher finance penetration and more sales.” – Gordon Veale, Carbase, Car Supermarket.

“iVendi’s ability to increase finance and overall vehicle sales penetration is one of iVendi’s core business successes. They identify the key pain points in the financing journey and have built solutions to help their clients overcome them. Working with iVendi provides a more transparent and accessible financing journey for our customers, meeting and exceeding the standards of other leading consumer retail sites to allow the user to search on their own terms, rather than us asking them to do all of the hard work.” – Jonny Evans, Vauxhall Motors, Manufacturer.

“We were looking for a trusted partner to work with us not only to supply a tool for our website but also to help us identify future opportunities. There are high levels of engagement and we see quality lead generation with iVendi’s products. They’re easy to use and enhance the customer journey and their products evolve with changing business needs.” – Peter Haynes, Howards Motor Group.