Called “Better Buying Journeys” and subtitled “How new thinking can help motor retailers create the best customer experience online and in the showroom” it covers new developments in vehicle search, how to build customer engagement, creating the right digital culture, and how traditional dealers can make the most of their premises.

Darren Sinclair, chief commercial officer at iVendi, said: “When it comes to the buying journeys offered by motor retailers, two key trends have emerged following the pandemic that have helped to transform customer expectations.

“Firstly, buyers are realising that the way they’ve been transacting digitally in other retail sectors is now possible when buying a car. Secondly, extremely high-profile and well-funded digital disruptors have arrived in the market and, while their difficulties have been widely reported in recent times, they are still investing heavily in transforming customer expectations as a way of gaining a competitive advantage. 

“The question is, how should established dealers react? In our view, by accepting that how car buyers behave is evolving and adopting the best technology available alongside the creation of a genuine change in culture. 

“By doing this, they can compete against any other motor retailer – and emulate the best digital customer experiences available anywhere. With the right technology and the right attitude, traditional dealers can thrive and do so using products that are easily available at a competitive cost and strategies that are well-proven in the real world.”

Darren added that the white paper looked at the latest thinking in customer buying journeys within the motor industry and elsewhere, explained their relevance to each business, and provided guidance on how to implement these ideas. 

“It details how the right technology can help you generate the data required to accurately measure and analyse consumer behaviour, dynamically provide the search results for which online buyers are looking, reassure them they’re dealing with a reputable and helpful business, and simplify the online journey to make buying easy. 

“Then, it shows how recognising why and in what ways consumer habits have changed can help bring about a crucial shift in culture that genuinely recognises the needs of modern vehicle buyers, ultimately delivering the buying experience they expect.”

The Better Buying Journeys white paper is available by visiting