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PwC Automotive

Analysis from Automotive Industry Specialists

Mike Davies
Director, Global Communications
PwC United Kingdom

Mike Davies
Director, Global Communications
PwC United Kingdom

PwC’s Automotive practice offers expert advice in areas that include enterprise risk management, supply chain, mergers and acquisitions, and auto electrification.

Automotive industry specialists

PwC’s global automotive service draws on its considerable industry experience to assist clients in overcoming complicated challenges for businesses.

What gives our practice a crucial competitive edge is Autofacts®, which consists of a team of automotive industry specialists who perform continuous analysis of trends occurring throughout the industry.

Autofacts has more than three decades’ experience in delivering information on the automotive industry, and is one of the leading providers of market forecasts.

The analysis is proven, trusted and used in numerous exercises concerning business planning.

Situated throughout key global markets, PwC’s Automotive specialists at Autofacts concentrate on industry analysis and the specific issues that matter to businesses. If there is an issue affecting the automotive industry, clients can be confident that the Autofacts team is already ahead of the curve.

Clients use Autofacts solutions to make assessments on potential business outcomes, as well as benefiting from recommendations and receive support for business plans.

Shaping business strategies through automotive industry analysis

Autofacts allows clients to shape business strategies through access to regular analysis of the auto industry.

The Autofacts team is able to lean on expertise throughout PwC’s 5,100 global automotive professionals such as sales and financial services, or marketing.

Autofacts has been a trusted adviser to the automotive industry since 1985, and is known for its diverse range of solutions, market-tested method of operation, and dedicated service to clients.

The Analyst Notes feature provides a concise analysis of market trends that those within the automotive industry should be aware of. An accessible monthly email is sent out to subscribers. It is free to subscribe, with Analyst Note Plus available as part of our subscription service for summary forecasts.

The Autofacts App is available for smartphones and tablets, keeping users in the loop about what’s happing in the industry though a number of features such as monthly data reports, press releases and interactive charts.

Custom services are available to deliver analysis and reports for a specific area within the automotive industry, including M&A valuation support, portfolio risk analysis, industry studies, and thought leadership studies.

Strategies to combat automotive cyber security

While interconnectivity presents substantial opportunities for streamlining operations, it also brings increased security risks. This is of particular concern in the automotive industry. The prospect of driverless cars being taken over by hackers fills many with dread in an increasingly unsafe world.

It is not just cars that could be compromised. Customer data acquisition, theft of intellectual property and even the total shutdown of car manufacturing are all possibilities through a vulnerable network.

It begs the question of cyber readiness and whether automotive companies can adequately defend against a cyberattack.

Proof of what could potentially wrong came in 2015 when a couple of security researchers successfully hacked into a vehicle and managed to move the steering wheel, disable the brakes and turn the engine off.

With individuals wanting the convenience of having all their devices connected, this trend is widely expected to continue to ever-greater levels. Therefore, it is vital that security solutions keep up with the connectivity technology.

Autofacts has been performing analysis in this area and is well-placed to advise clients on the best security strategies to implement. Get in touch to find out more.