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RMS Automotive

Inventory Management Software for Motor Vehicles

Europe Head Office

RMS Automotive
Carrwood Park
Selby Road
LS15 4LG

Europe Head Office

RMS Automotive
Carrwood Park
Selby Road
LS15 4LG

RMS Automotive provides a modular inventory management software that minimises risk and optimises return on investment (ROI) for large vehicle inventory owners such as manufacturers, leasing companies and finance firms.

Our software simplifies the end-to-end used vehicle inventory management process to improve decision-making and ROI throughout the entire used vehicle lifecycle for both buyers and sellers. Buyers benefit from convenient access to stock and transparency of all transactional costs.

Our systems facilitate multilingual, multi-currency and multi-fiscal cross-border transactions, capable of adapting to the differing tax regulations throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

RMS Automotive’s unique ability to technically interface with all third-party stakeholders ensure that a highly complex inventory management process can be easily managed through a single platform.

Through automation and data science, we provide VIN-specific recommendations for accurate vehicle pricing and optimal reconditioning and inventory distribution. These services deliver real-time integration with a client’s platform, faster remarketing time, and reduced depreciation/cost of capital, improved residuals, and reduction in wholesale losses.

Our systems transform each stage of the used vehicle lifecycle namely:

New vehicle tracking capabilities

RMS Automotive manages transportation of new vehicles from point of origination, handling logistics and having visibility of a new car build options to guide more accurate valuations as the vehicle ages.

Using clear status indicators the progress of new vehicle orders is managed in the system.

To facilitate this, a record is created in RMS system for each fleet owner with a unique identifier and details of the workflow that vehicles owned by that fleet should follow as they move through the system from New Order status.

Vehicles created in the system must be linked to a valid fleet owner record, providing visibility of logistics, points of origin and new car build options. This provides clients with more accurate valuations as vehicle ages.

In-service tracking for used vehicles

We track vehicle information based on specifics of vehicle use and by helping to maintain accurate portfolio value.

The service provides real-time visibility of vehicle use as the system enables CRM activities for end-of-term in order to maintain accurate portfolio value.

Upstream sales of motor assets

RMS Automotive enables inventory owners to list available vehicles at the point of defleet, accelerating onwards sales, reducing days to sale to maintain, and optimise inventory value.

We also allow clients to list in-service vehicles for sale upon defleeting, with pricing based on expected return condition and mileage; and validating the sale upon return of the vehicle.

This feature allows vehicles that are not currently available for remarketing to be offered for early reservation by dealers at an estimated upstream price based on expected age or mileage.

Consumer pre-term apps

RMS Automotive provides options to self-inspect vehicles through user-friendly app guiding users to next steps, maintaining positive brand experience, driving consumer loyalty for new car purchases.

The process is audited using status changes throughout the transaction. Each step also requires the administrator to enter update notes in the system for audit purposes. Multiple quotations may be issued during the negotiation process.

The app helps clients maintain a positive brand experience with consumers and dealers, as well as drive customer or dealer loyalty for new car purchases.

Vehicle defleeting (grounding) services

The return of vehicles for remarketing preparation at the end of fleet term is managed through a predefined workflow, based on options specified in the fleet type associated with each vehicle.

Multiple workflows may be in place depending on the needs. For example, ex-rental, ex-lease and ex-company cars are likely to involve different automatic and/or manual steps in order to complete the process. The following scenarios include some of these possibilities.

It transforms a typically disjointed process through user-friendly tools, which capture and validate condition and mileage and handle logistics to provide seamless transfer from used vehicle return to wholesale remarketing.

This enables a seamless transfer from used car return to new purchase with every notable incident recorded.

Vehicle remarketing services

Moving, reconditioning and remarketing vehicles at the right price, in the right channel with accurate and documented information all the way through onward retail sale, bringing total transparency.

We provide clients with access to a wide range of remarketing services such as online auctioning, vehicle logistics, dealer listings on white label sites and wholesale telesales.

Our services provide transparency to all key stakeholders and single-point workflow control across all channels.

About RMS Automotive

A Cox Automotive brand and the winner of the 2017 INTERNATIONAL CAR REMARKETING AWARD, RMS Automotive has operations or contracts in 29 countries, and services are available in 29 languages and 42 currencies.

We are transforming how companies buy, sell and own cars with industry-leading digital marketing, retail, financial, wholesale and e-commerce solutions for consumers, dealers, manufacturers and the global automotive ecosystem.

With more than 25 global brands and over 32,000 employees worldwide, Cox Automotive is partner to more than 40,000 auto dealers.

Cox Automotive is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, an Atlanta-based company with revenues of $18bn and approximately 55,000 team members. Cox Enterprises’ other major operating subsidiaries include Cox Communications and CoxMedia Group.

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