Aston Barclay has launched a fully closed group ‘white label’ timed auction platform to help finance houses repatriate used cars back into franchised dealer networks.

From January 2021, Aston Barclay launched a digitised version of the PCP returns process for finance houses that incorporates an app-based inspection tool at the returning dealership. This allows fully-costed appraisal data to be sent to Aston Barclay’s group timed auction platform. It then allows an entire franchise network exclusive access to purchasing the returned PCP stock at auction prior to being sold in the open market.

“We have enhanced our digital products to facilitate our customers’ needs and have successfully repatriated thousands of cars since to the Mazda, Vauxhall and VAG franchises in partnership with our finance house customers,” said Martin Potter, managing director – customer at Aston Barclay.

This has reduced days to sell, facilitated the damage recharge process and met contractual demands to repatriate as much stock as possible back to its network for one of Aston Barclay’s finance houses.

Potter continued: “The biggest wins for our finance customers are the digitisation of their de-fleet processes and subsequent retail finance opportunities for their dealers on used cars that provide new retail opportunities that generate profit and revenue for both parties.”

“There is a continuous demand from franchise dealer networks for used stock and we are pleased to facilitate new ways of working with our customers to meet the changing market needs. Helping both the finance house and their partner dealer networks grow revenues and sell more cars is extremely rewarding for Aston Barclay.”