Automotive Transformation Group have launched Fusion, a suite of products using NetDirector software, proprietary data, and third-party integrations.

Consumer demand has evolved rapidly over the past 5 years. Covid-19 catalysed the rise of e-commerce in motor finance.

However, as the memories of showroom lockdowns fade, it’s clear that online sales now only represent a fraction of total transactions. ATG found that 86% of online transactions in 2022 were reservations, demonstrating a consumer preference to complete a transaction in-store.

What’s critical now is the handover between online and in-store transactions.

The automotive industry has trailed behind other sectors when it comes to providing that seamless transition from online to in-store. Whether that be due to the franchise market structure, the complexity of the vehicle as a product or legacy technology as a driver for a lot of retail processes, it has meant a disjointed customer experience.

Too often the sales process is interrupted as consumers transition from one channel to another. This results in a lack of visibility for retailers and OEMs, who without a comprehensive overview of leads, cars, and sales, find it difficult to identify and respond to risks.

With Automotive Transformation Group’s NetDirector software acting as Fusion’s foundation, it represents a holistic approach to automotive omnichannel retailing.

Fusion could consumers to perform a transaction on a retailer’s website using the same tools as they would inside a showroom. It prioritises personalisation to ensure the sales process is picked up from where it was left, regardless of device or location.

Delivered through a SaaS subscription, it aims to offer consumers a new way to search and buy, while offering retailers a new way to acquire, convert and retain.

Chief executive officer, Tim Smith said: “As an industry, we need to provide the most convenient […] consumer experience possible […] Omnichannel should not be a competitive edge. It should be a standard.”

Chief revenue officer, Richard Johnston said, “[Fusion’s] automation capability standardises your brand from vehicle display and data consistency to customer management and quality of interaction.”

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